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Google News


Google News helps you organize, find, and understand the news. You can change your settings to find more stories you want. Google News make it easier to stay informed by using technology to organize what journalists are reporting about current issues and events.


  • Google products are designed to connect you with a broad array of information and perspectives to help you develop your own point of view and make informed decisions.
  • We’re committed to fostering a healthy and diverse news ecosystem because we know journalism is vital to strong, functioning societies.


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Latest news and top headlines on Google News


  • On your computer, go to Google News.
  • In the top left, click Top stories Headlines.
  • To read a story, click Full coverage of this story Full coverage.


Your favorite subjects on Google News


  • To find stories based on a location:
  • In the top search bar, search for a location.
  • Click Follow Follow.
  • To find stories based on a publication:
  • In the top search bar, search for the publication source.
  • Click Follow Follow.


Personalize your Google News content


  • To find content based on your interests: Click For you For you.
  • To read a story with various perspectives and context: Click Full coverage of this story Full coverage.




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