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The idea behind making this website is to bring all important fields related to Uttrakhand in a single website. In future we will add many other features related to Uttrakhand so that a Internet visitor finds most of things related to Uttrakhand in a single Web page by clicking any option he wants to know about Uttrakhand.
                                 For now we are starting with :
Government and Private sector vacancies under Uttrakhand state.(Our goal is to add most of the vacancies related to Uttrakhand in one page).
Uttrakhand Newsletter (News which positively effects and Motivates the peoples of Uttrakhand).
Tourism spots of Uttrakhand
Wildlife and Adventure Tourism of Uttrakhand
Recipes of Uttrakhand

In Future we will add detailed History, Geography of Uttrakhand and most of the topics related to Uttrakhand.
You can also tell us about which topic you wants to be searching about Uttrakhand so that we will add it and it will be easy for you to find all related topics in one click.

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