Google Home

Google Home: Google Home Application


  • Google Home application helps a user to set up and control Google Nest(Home speakers and displays), and Chromecast.
  • A user can control thousands of compatible lights, cameras, speakers, and more.
  • A user can also check your reminders and recent notifications, all from a single app.
  • Google Home app is available on Android phones, tablets, iPhones, and iPads..


Google Home – Apps on Google Play(Android) - Download

Google Home on the App Store(iPhone & iPad) - Download


Google Home

How to use Google Home App


A user can use Google Home app  to:




From the Home tab, you can control your speakers and displays, Chromecast, and other smart devices. You can also set up new devices and check all of your devices organized by rooms in your home.



At the top of the home app screen, the name of your home appears. If you have multiple homes set up, you can tap your home name to switch between homes.



Quick Actions

Here, you have general controls over your whole home. Each button acts as a control for a device, service, or group of devices. Each has a different function that depends on which device it represents and the state that the device is in.


Lights: Switches your smart lights on or off. Controls all the lights in your home or only the lights in a specific room.

Media: Shows media you currently play and which device it plays on. If you have more than one device, you can choose to stream from one device to another. You can start or stop the media with a single tap.

 Call Home: Calls your Home to ring all your devices linked to Duo.

Broadcast: Broadcast a message to your Google Assistant speakers and display it from the Google Home app.

 Thermostat: Opens the controls for your thermostat. If you have more than one smart thermostat, you can choose which one to control.

 Cameras: This shows the video feed from your camera. If you have more than one camera, you will see them in a single view.

 Wi-Fi: Runs speed tests and manages your Nest Wifi, Google Wifi, or OnHub network and settings.

Routines: Creates and manages routines for your device.

Settings: Opens your Home settings.

Action chips: Quickly connect smart home devices, link media services, and take other recommended actions.


Devices in your home


Rooms: Your speakers and displays, Chromecast, and other smart home devices are listed by room. To open the controls for a device, touch and hold its device tile. You may find some controls on the device tile itself.


In your home: Devices that are part of your home but aren't currently assigned to any room are listed here. To open the controls for a device, touch and hold its device tile. You can access device settings, including room settings, from the control screen.


Groups: Speaker groups on your local Wi-Fi network appear here. To open the controls for a speaker group, tap Media.


Other Cast devices: Devices that are connected to your local Wi-Fi network but aren't added to your home can be found here.


Device controls: From Home, touch and hold your device's tile to control or access all of its settings. Different types of devices have different controls, and some controls may be on the device tile itself.

Google Nest and Home speakers and displays - Control the speaker's volume and EQ (equalization) or access settings. You can also play, pause, skip forward or backward in a song, podcast, audiobook, or stop casting.

Chromecast devices - Control the display's volume or access settings. You can also play, pause, skip forward or backward in a video, movie, or TV show, or stop casting.

Lights - Turn your smart lights on and off and adjust their brightness, if supported.

Thermostat - Adjust your thermostat's set point, change modes, and check the ambient temperature. Depending on the thermostat model, you may be able to change other settings.

Smart plugs - Turn your smart plug on and off.

Cameras - View the stream from the cameras.

Speaker Groups - Access the group's settings.



The Feed tab is where you can get alerts about important device activities and reminders.


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