Top 10 Places To Visit In Uttarakhand



🌲 Trekking in the evergreen roads and valley of Kausani. Other destinations include a serene view of The Nanda Devi Himalayan Range, Binser Wild Life Sanctuary, The Kausani Tea Estate, and The Jageshwer Temple.


🌲 Kausani is famous for his serene ,natural beauty. Gandhiji spent some of his most tranquil moments at the Anashakti Ashram he set up at Kausani.


🌲 The Sarla Ashram set up by his devotee Sarlaben sells items made by orphaned and poor girls schooling here. Pick up the famous Girias tea from the Kausani Tea Estate and check out poet Sumitranandan Pant’s Gallery.


🌲 Kausani makes a good base for visits to the Jageshwar Temple and the Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary.


🌲 Heading back to Almora stop by at the 9th-12th century Baijnath temple complex, and then, 20 km further, Bageshwar, famed for its temple and Makar Sankranti Mela.


  • WINTER: 0-24°C
  • ALTITUDE: 1890 M
  • PINCODE: 263639
  • STD CODE: 059628



Kausani Tea Estate

Places you must have to visit in Kausani

Anasakti Ashram : Refresh the memories of 1929, when Mahatma Gandhi, spent here 14 days while writing his book on 'Anasakti Yoga'. His spinning wheel (Charkha) and other memorabilia are kept here. There is also a study with a small library where one can find books on Gandhian philosophy. The Ashram can accommodate up to 300 people and every evening prayer is conducted in the main hall. One can enjoy mesmerizing sunset and sunrise from the Ashram premises.

Kumaon Shawl Emporium : A fabulous collection of high quality woollen shawls, exquisitely designed by the local weavers, can be purchased from here.

Pant Museum : Named after the famous Hindi poet, Sumitra Nandan Pant, who was born in Kausani, the Museum has the articles of his daily use, drafts of his poems, letters, his awards etc. This Museum is at a short distance from the Kausani bus terminal.

Baijnath : 40 kms away from Kausani, on the confluence of rivers Saryu and Gomti lies the holy township of Bageshwar, an important centre of worship of Lord Shiva. According to Hindu scriptures, the sage Markandaya lived here and spent many years worshipping Lord Shiva.

This is also the place from where one can start his journey towards Pindari, Sunderdunga and Kafni glaciers.
View from Kausani

Way to Kausani

By Flight : The nearest airport is Pant Nagar, (178 kms). One can hire a taxi from Pant Nagar to reach Kausani

By Train : The nearest railway station is Kathgodam (141 kms), from there one starts the climb to Kausani via Almora. An equally beautiful route is via Ranikhet (163 kms).

By Road : Kausani is linked to several other hill stations by road. Some of the major road distances are: Almora-51 kms, Rainkhet-60 kms, Pithoragarh-107 kms, Gwaldam-39 kms and Nainital-117 km. From Delhi it is 431 kms away.

Himalayan View from Kausani
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