WhatsApp Money


How To Add A Bank Account on WhatsApp


You can send and receive money after you will add your bank account to WhatsApp.


To Add Your Bank Account, You Will Need:


  • An active account at an Bank
  • The primary phone number associated with this bank account must match the phone number of your WhatsApp account.


To add your bank account from Settings:


  • Tap More options > Settings > Payments > Add payment method > Continue.
  • Tap Accept and Continue to accept our Payments Terms and Privacy Policy.
  • From the list of banks, tap the name of your bank.
  • Tap Verify via SMS > Allow. If WhatsApp already has permission to make and manage phone calls, you won't need to grant permission.
  • Tap the bank account you want to add to send and receive payments with WhatsApp.
  • Tap Send A Payment or Done.


WhatsApp Payment, Add A Bank Account on WhatsApp, Whatsapp Money


To Add Your Bank Account From Chat:


  • Open a chat with the person you want to send money to > tap the Payments icon. Alternatively, you can tap Attach > Payment.
  • Enter the amount you'd like to send > tap Next > tap Get Started.
  • Tap Accept and Continue to accept our Payments Terms and Privacy Policy.
  • From the list of banks, tap the name of your bank.
  • Tap Verify via SMS > Allow. If WhatsApp already has permission to make and manage phone calls, you won't need to grant permission.
  • Tap the bank account you want to add to send and receive payments with WhatsApp.
  • To verify your debit card, tap Continue.
  • Verify your debit card details > tap Verify Card.


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