BSc Forestry


Duration: 4 years


Eligibility: 10+2 with at least 45% marks in PCB/PCM.


Program Outcomes:

To get acquainted with the basics & principles of Plant Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Physiology, Botany, Cytology-genetics, Computers, Statistics, and English.

To understand the fundamentals of Hydrology, Geology, and Soil science like chemistry and fertility of Forest soils, Sericulture, Environmental Science, and Horticulture.

To learn ethnobotany along with medicinal and aromatic plants and their uses and impacts on the tribal communities and remote villages using extension education concepts.

To understand the effect of meteorology on crop production and weather forecasting models to cope with the uncertainty of Indian weather conditions.

To gain preliminary knowledge on the geographical distribution of grasslands, forests, and their classification in India and the world. Critical examination of the world forest sources, productivity potential, and increment of world forests.

To learn the principles and practices of Silviculture, silvicultural and dendrological knowledge i.e. origin, distribution, general description, phenology, silvicultural characters, regeneration methods, silvicultural systems, tending operations, and economic importance of important conifer and broad-leaved tree species of India & also the nursery techniques of these tree species.

To learn the Forest management skills for the best growth of any forest and also to get acquainted with the Forest policies and the laws.  To develop the skills to take up forest mensuration exercises and ecological studies in the forested areas.

To explore the anatomical studies of tree/woody perennials including monocot and dicot.

The skills in tree-seed collection, seed storage, seed testing for purity, viability, moisture, germination, etc will be developed in this program.

To learn the principles & techniques of tree improvement i.e. selecting superior trees in natural stands and plantations, controlled crossing techniques, Vegetative propagation techniques, and Pollen viability determination.

It provides in-depth information on logging operations in the forests, develops basic knowledge on chemical, physical, mechanical, electrical as well as sound-related properties of timber, various treatments like the seasoning of the wood, preservation of wood, and the utilization of the timber/wood collected in various industries.

It imparts a general idea about the use of wood as an engineering material for bridges, roads, and building materials.

It also provides basic knowledge on the role and use of Remote Sensing in Forestry.  To develop knowledge on methods of collection, extraction, classification, storage, uses, management, and importance of Non-Timber Forest Products (NTFP) viz.- Fodder (grasses and tree leaves), canes, and bamboos, essential Oils, non-essential oils, Gums and resins, Tans and dyes.

To gain knowledge on traditional & well-designed Agroforestry systems, techniques, management, and their advantages over sole cropping land use systems.

To develop the skills to identify and cure the diseases, insects, and pests of the Forest trees.

To explore the wildlife and its management including the habit & habitat of different wildlife, scientific names, behavior, and adaptations of important wild species.

To know about the basic concept of entrepreneurship and its development in forestry. Project planning, evaluation, Swot analysis.  To become familiar with basic economic and business principles and how they can be applied to forestry. Utilize economic principles to address private and public policy issues related to allocating natural resources and environmental amenities.

To develop skills to conduct various field-based activities of forestry aspects.

To develop an aptitude for formulating research problems and experimental planning, data collection, and statistical planning.

To provide hands-on-trainings or Forestry work experience on Socioeconomic surveys in villages, Forest Department attachments, Forest-based-Industrial attachment and Production, and marketing of quality planting material.


B.Sc. Forestry Colleges in Dehradun


  • Dolphin (PG) Institute of Biomedical and Natural Sciences
  • Uttaranchal PG College of Bio-Medical Sciences and Hospital, Dehradun
  • DBS, Dehradun
  • Uttaranchal University (UU), Dehradun
  • Shivalik College of Engineering, Dehradun
  • Doon Group of Colleges, Dehradun
  • Doon PG College of Agriculture Science Technology, Dehradun
  • Doon Business School (DBS), Dehradun
  • Graphic Era University, Dehradun
  • DIMS, Dehradun


Forestry Colleges


Highest Avg. Monthly Searches of Colleges Based on Google Keyword Planner Tool of Keyword Forestry Colleges From May 2021 To 2022  | Location - India, Nepal


  • Amity Institute Of Forestry And Wildlife
  • Bsc Forestry Ponnampet
  • IGNOU Forestry
  • UNB Forestry
  • UGA Forestry
  • Bsc Forestry Ponnampet
  • SIU Forestry


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