M.Sc. Pharmaceutical Chemistry


Programe Summary


Duration: 2 years


Eligibility: B. Sc. in any subject or B. Pharm. Chemistry is not a compulsory subject, student who has any science subject in bachelor course are eligible.


Program Outcome: The programme has been designed to learn relevant advanced skills that are essential in the areas of quality control, drug discovery, drug design and development of high quality pharmaceutical products, medicinal chemistry, pharmacology, modern analytical techniques and provide depth knowledge that enables the students to work more effectively within pharmaceutical industry. Focus is laid on study of quality control, separation techniques and the research environments. The course provides training in drug synthesis, drug testing, and development of drugs and validation of analytical methods. The curriculum include lectures, practical’s, seminars, project works, lab work, assessments. It enables them to equip withproblem solving abilities and in developing analytical skills. Course provides students with latest technologies and with necessary skills to embark upon their career for their life. The students are skilled with extensive theoretical and practical knowledge about the various aspects of analysis of drugs, Invitro evaluation of different conventional and advanced drug delivery systems like tablets, capsules, etc. according to the guidelines, modern analytical techniques which is used in quantitative and qualitative analysis, synthesis of medicina important agents, isolation of compounds from plant origin. Exposure of students to the sophisticated analytical techniques like UV, IR, HPLC, NMR, Mass spectroscopy is an integral part of the curriculum. Curriculum also provides extensive learning about herbal drug technology as well as phytopharmaceuticals and nutraceutical. Curriculum is dedicated to a project work of industrial and commercial applicability.

The PG degree in pharmaceutical chemistry enables the students to find jobs in varied sectors. The qualified candidates find jobs in pharmacy companies, drug manufacturing and marketing companies, health departments, laboratories, research organizations (CSIR), biotechnological firms, pest control department, and defence services. The jobs are available as professors, manager, scientist, researcher, patent analyst, quality control assistant. The students can further study for research work.


M.Sc. Pharmaceutical Chemistry Colleges In Dehradun | M.Sc. Pharmaceutical Chemistry  College In Dehradun


  • Dolphin PG Institute of BioMedical & Natural Sciences, [DPIB&NS] Dehradun
  • Sardar Bhagwan Singh University, Dehradun
  • School of Engineering, University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, Dehradun
  • Uttaranchal College of Science and Technology, Dehradun
  • Advance Institute of Science and Technology, Dehradun
  • Shri Guru Ram Rai University, Dehradun
  • Shri Guru Ram Rai Institute of Technology and Science, Dehradun
  • Sardar Bhagwan Singh Post Graduate Institute of Biomedical Science and Research, Dehradun


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1. Imu Pharmaceutical Chemistry

2. Seneca Chemical Laboratory Technology Pharmaceutical

3. Queen Mary Pharmaceutical Chemistry

4. Njit Pharmaceutical Chemistry

5. Medicinal Chemistry Tud



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