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Google Under Lava Or Google Gravity Under Lava


  • One of Google's finest stunts is called Google Gravity Under Lava, in which you may see a graph surface covered in squares.
  • Additionally, there is a red box at the top of it. You can play with it and move the box and surface wherever you like.
  • You can also fit it inside any box with a square surface. The most astonishing feature of Google Gravity Lava is its ability to build structures, create any kind of shapes, and design anything on its square graph surface by adding red boxes to the surface. You can amuse yourself with it.


Google Lava
Google Under Lava


How to Use the Under Gravity Lava Trick on Google


  • Go to www.google.com.
  • Type "Google Gravity Lava" into the Google search box.
  • Choose the "I'm feeling lucky" button instead of the "search" button.
  • You'll notice that the Gravity Google trick is now working. You will see a surface covered in squares and a box on "Google Gravity Lava." It can be moved wherever you choose. It can be used for fun pranks and amusement.



Google Lava


Google Gravity Underwater or Mr. Doob Gravity Underwater Lava


  • Google Gravity Underwater trick transforms the screen of your computer or smartphone into an aquarium filled with sharks and other creatures.
  • Mr.doob or https://mrdoob.com website features an aquarium-like appearance with elements like sand, starfish, and naturally occurring water.
  • You cannot move objects with MrDoob Gravity Underwater Lava like you can with the Google Gravity Water Trick. Instead, you will be able to drag them in and out of the water by tapping on them while moving your finger while clicking or holding on to the water.
  • Everything around them will move as a result of the clicks and movements, which will produce large or small waves.
  • No matter how hard you try, the logo, buttons, or search bar will not float in the water. They may dive a little, but they will stay afloat or swim in the water as they wait for you to conduct an online search.
  • Google space unblocked, Google antigravity, Google zero gravity, and Google gravity underwater are just a few of the many additional gravity tricks that are accessible.


Google Gravity Under Lava
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