Ok Google Lumos



Ok Google Lumos - Ok Google Lumens Maxima


  • When you say ”Ok Google” followed by “Lumos Maxima” in Google it will turn your flash light on.
  • Then say “Lumos Maximus” to turn off the flashlight.




In your Android device


  • Just say "lumos" and the flashlight will turn on.
  • To turn off flashlight say "nox lomos" and you android device flashlight will turn off.



Many online users have been looking for Google Lumos, a fantastic feature. For die-hard admirers of J.K. Rowling's Fantastic Beasts and Harry Potter series, the Lumos feature comes as a surprise. To see the magic, use the Lumos spell on your device. Google offers the sensation of real-world magic. The Lumos function on cellphones is being used and enjoyed by thousands of people. Follow the instructions below to learn how to utilize the wizard spell or activate the flashlight on your iPhone.


  • On your iPhone, open Siri.
  • Say Lumos or Lumos Maxima by tapping Siri.
  • You'll notice that your iPhone's flashlight is turned on.
  • Say the counter spell Nox to turn it off.
  • The flashlight then obeys your command and turns off.


You may activate or deactivate the flashlight on your Android device by saying "Hey, Google Lumos" or "Nox," respectively.


On Android phones, the Google Lumos spell also functions. Google Assistant can allow Android users experience the magic wizard spell Lumos Maxima on their phones. So, adhere to the instructions below to activate the spell on Android phones.


  • On your Android smartphone, launch Google Assistant.
  • Say Hey Google Lumos or Hey Google Lumos Maxima to activate the flashlight.
  • Your instructions immediately activate the flashlight.
  • Speak the countermagic spell "Nox" to turn it off, as the same word is used in the Harry Potter movies and books to turn off the wand's light.


Ok Google Lumos

Shortcut: On your smartphone, if you have an Android device



When you Say:


  • Lumos Maxima” as a nickname to activate the whole system
  • Nox” to turn everything off.




Daily routines help shortcuts with Google


Ask Google Assistant to help with tasks throughout your day.


In one command and Google Assistant can do multiple actions.


For example, if you say:


  • Hey Google, good morning,” Google Assistant can turn on the lights, tell you about the weather, play music or news, and more.
  • Hey Google, let’s go home,” Google Assistant can give a traffic update, send and read texts, play a podcast, and more.
  • Hey Google, bedtime,” Google Assistant can set an alarm, turn off lights, play sleep sounds, and more.


Lumos Maxima
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