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 Lumos Nox | Lumos Maxima Nox | Lumos and Nox


Lumos Maxima Nox


You cannot only say "Lumos." The digital assistant on your phone needs to be turned on. That would be Siri by default on iOS, and Google Assistant on Android.


Therefore, if we're going technical, iPhone users would need to:

1. Say "Hey Siri" to make Siri active.

2. Say "Lumos" once Siri acknowledges you.

3. Alternatively, you can use the actual spell that real wizards and witches use to turn off their flashlights by saying "Hey Siri" followed by the word "Nox."



Google Assistant for Android performs the same function:


1. "OK Google" will start Google Assistant.

2. Say "Lumos" after being acknowledged.

3. By calling up Google Assistant once more and saying "Nox," you may turn off your flashlight just as on iOS.


  • iPhone users are fortunate to have a physical ringer switch that they may use to quickly mute their phones. Although some Android devices also have this capability, it isn't a common convenience available to most users.
  • Activate your personal digital assistant and speak "Silencio" to quickly and simply mute your phone. Your ringer should now be muted. To manually activate the "unmute" option is the only way this author has found to "magically" reverse this.
  • Of course, those of us who are muggles would think these tactics are pointless given that you can use standard commands like "Turn on flashlight" or "Mute phone" to access the same functionality. There's no doubting, though, that they're not nearly as powerful as employing magical spells.


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