Learn more about the Ok Google Lumos Maxima Spell.


The Harry Potter movies and books both include references to the magical spell "Lumos." As the words were spoken, the tip of the spellcaster's wand would light up. Or, to put it another way, the magician can see in the dark thanks to the flashlight.


Someone on Twitter discovered that activating the flashlight on an iPhone by telling Siri to "Lumos" Unexpectedly, by saying the counter-spell "Nox," you can turn off the phone's flashlight.



For the flashlight to turn on by "casting the spell," iPhone users just tap Siri and say "Lumos." There will be a flash of the flashlight.


Users of Android devices can test out this strategy by installing Google Assistant on their devices. Once the voice feature is activated, say "Hey Google" before naming the spell. In this case, simply say "Lumos," and presto! There will be a flash of the flashlight.



Lumos Maxima Harry Potter


So, how exactly do you use Google's Harry Potter Spell Lumos Maxima?


Many admirers of the well-known JK Rowling works, such as Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts, are looking for the Lumos Maxima spell online.


There is now a "Google Lumos Maxima" accessible.


People can now explore this amazing world by using their phone as a wand or going to the Magical Congress of the United States on Google Maps, thanks to a little assistance from Google. On an Android device, just say "OK Google" to invoke Google Search and perform your spell. For instance, typing "Lumos" or "Lumos Maxima" will turn on your flashlight while typing "Nox" will turn it off. Ok Google Lumos searches on the internet have gotten a lot of attention and are currently popular. To discover more about Google's Lumos Maxima spell and how to use more Harry Potter spells like it, keep reading.


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